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Your Google My Business Profile is a MAJOR generator of targeted leads, subscribers, new clients, conversions, and sales. But like most business owners, you don’t have the technical skills or the time to optimize your GMB. No worries! Our Local SEO Team can handle the techie stuff for you.

Local SEO

Optimize Or Agonize!

Why Do You Need To Optimize
Your Google My Business Profile?

If your Google My Business Profile is not optimized, make no mistake, you will agonize! Especially when you learn the amount of free traffic your competitors are snagging.

For example, the PIC below is an example where NO ONE has their Google My Business Profile optimized! If you were in the remodeling business, you could quickly come in and take the top spot.

Google My Business Listings With No SEO

In the remodeling business in that part of Los Angeles, one contract could mean tens of thousands of dollars in net revenue. So, why aren’t these companies optimized? Most likely because no SEO Specialist has contacted them to make them aware of their situation.

The good news is, at Blue Duck Digital, we’re making you aware; if you’re ready to get optimized, Let’s GO!


If you are not ranked at the top of the Google 3-Pack,
we’ll run our analytics to determine WHY NOT?
That analysis will help us develop a blueprint
to get you to the top!


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Our Local SEO Service Is Designed With You In Mind

With Google My Business, getting you in the 3-pack is what we live for.

What's Our Goal?

Our primary objective is dramatically improving your bottom line and boosting your ROI.

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Our Team Members Are Some of The Top SEO, SEM and SMM professionals In The World.

Increased Income

We'll analyze your Google My Business Profile and recommend changes designed to improve your rankings.