Organic SEO Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Organic SEO represents the strategies and tactics used to help a website, web page, landing page, or other web property rank high in the search engine results pages. These strategies include but are not limited to SEO Audits, Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, content marketing, Internal Linking, and backlink acquisition.

Organic SEO Facts

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Google’s statistics show that searchers are 8.5 times prone to click the organic search results versus clicking on the paid ads. Moreover, 75% of searchers do not venture past the first page.

Consequently, if your keywords don’t appear in the top spots on the first page, you won’t be receiving much, if any, search engine traffic. However, if you have keywords ranking at the top on the first page (especially multiple keywords), you will make BANK!

Traffic Source Statistics

Traffic Source Statistics

Those statistics were brought to us by a BrightEdge study, which reveals that 51% of all visitors, be they B2C or B2B, come by way of organic SEO traffic. Think of it like this; some businesses are currently doing fantastic, only using social media as their traffic source.

The question is, “How much better would they do if they tapped into Organic SEO traffic?” People and businesses that shrug search engine traffic are ignoring laser targeted traffic, leads, conversions, subscribers, Brand building, and sales. So, how does one start attracting organic traffic? The foundation is uncovering the correct keywords!

The Importance of Keywords

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You may have heard about the necessity of Keyword Research; it is true! Keyword Research is the foundation for magnetic traffic pulling content. At Blue Duck Digital, our approach in finding and vetting keywords is determined on a case-by-case evaluation. Meaning, some clients only want to target the easy low hanging fruit; those have low to no competition and a low monthly search volume but have a high CPC Cost Per Click.

Other clients may want to target high competition keywords that require considerable monetary and time investments to overcome their competitors. Finally, there are the clients in the middle, the businesses who target the medium competitive keywords. No matter what your objective is, together, WE WILL WIN!

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What Are Your SEO Goals?

We realize that choosing to join forces with a Digital Marketing Agency is a huge decision. As it stands, countless SEO and Digital Marketing Agencies are touting their wares. The real question you need to ask and answer is not, “Which agency do I choose?” But instead, “Why do I need an SEO or Digital Marketing Agency?”

In other words, you want to predetermine your goals as well as your desired outcomes. Is your goal to rank a bevy of low competition keywords? OK, that’s a start; the next step is determining your desired outcome.

Framed another way, “What is ranking that bevy of keywords going to produce?” How many expected clicks, conversions, subscribers, leads, sales, and how much income?

How will you achieve your desired income? Are you going to use pages or posts from your website? Or, are you going to use landing pages or a combination of both?

Do Your Research

These questions and answers help determine which agency is best for you. Some agencies have preset packages and plans that won’t likely help you reach your goals.

Others have ala carte services that may not fit your aims; this is why you want to spend time researching and reviewing the agency you are considering.

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Increased Income

Blue Duck Digital Is The Best!

At Blue Duck Digital, we offer the type of flexibility that aligns with your goals and desired outcomes. To find out if we are a great fit, contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation TODAY!

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