Our Pay Per Click Team Will Help You Reach The Stars

For some people, navigating the “PPC” Pay Per Click Highway can be like trying to learn rocket science. It starts with learning the PPC dashboards for FaceBook, Google, Twitter, so forth and so on.

The next level is creating and optimizing the ads. And finally, learning the “CPC” Cost Per Click bidding process. If you get any step in the process wrong, you could potentially be banned. Or you could end up paying $23.25 per click when you should only be paying $0.29 per click.

At Blue Duck Digital, our PPC Team handles all of the details so that you can run your business without engaging in the learning curves and challenges of architecting successful PPC campaigns.

Pay Per Click

How Impressive
Is Your CTR?

How does your “CTR” Click Through Rate stack up against your industry standards? Is it above or below? For example, the average CTR for real estate is 6.19%, the auto industry is 7.35%, and the dining and nightlife market is 6.63%. To be impressive, you need to be at least 2.5 points above the average. At Blue Duck Digital, we drive all of our client’s campaigns to be above average!

How We Use KPIs
To Increase Your ROI

In the world of PPC, success versus failure is determined by those who are the best at tweaking ad campaigns after deciphering the “KPIs” Key Performance Indicators.

KPIs can be compared to tuning up a vehicle, piano, or fine-tuning a laptop or a PC. The process of tuning up a car, piano or PC, puts the object in the realm of operating at optimum performance.

We strive to keep all of your PPC ads running at optimum performance at all times. Below is a list of KPIs that we use to fine-tune your ad campaigns.

Key Performance Indicators

PPC Key Performance Indicators

  • AQS Ad Quality Score
  • AR Abandon Rate
  • BA Budget Attainment
  • CAC Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Click Count
  • CPC Cost Per Click
  • CPL Cost Per Lead
  • CPM Cost Per Thousand
  • CRR Customer Retention Rate
  • CTR Click-Through Rate
  • CVR Conversion Rate
  • LTV Lifetime Value
  • MRR Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • ROAS Return on Ad Spend
  • ROI Return on Investment
Online Shopping

Pay Per Click And
Online Shopping
Is The Future!

The United States’ online shopping numbers are insane! In 2020, online sales hit a staggering $374,375 million. 2021 is estimated to top $407,065 Million! If you combine PPC with Organic SEO, you can become one of the big-time players who participate in generating those incredible figures. Let us help you get on the path to online economic brilliance.

Your Pay Pay Click Team!

Our PPC Team is ready to convert your Pay Per Click dreams into reality! You no longer have to overburden yourself into the mind-boggling and head-scratching PPC learning curve. That means you don’t have to learn PPC fundamentals, ad campaigns platforms, setting up and tweaking ads or KPIs. We handle all of the above while you measure your ROI versus your PPC investment. Let’s make this happen, starting NOW!
Pay Per Click Advertising

Our PPC Team is ready to convert your Pay Per Click dreams into reality!